You need to get the relevant category provisional entitlement added to your licence. Check on your counterpart licence, A4 green paper, the box towards top left lists your provisional categories together with validity dates.

Step 1

Obtain forms D2 and D4, these are obtainable from our centre or online

Step 2

Book a medical appointment and the doctor will fill in D4, alternatively we can book a medical for you.

Step 3

Send off your application forms to DVLA, we are happy to help with these.

Step 4

Allow up to three weeks for DVLA to process and send your licence

Step 5

Once you have your provisional licence we can book your theory test. You can attend our two-day theory course.


  • Practice the theory questions and the hazard perception test on our computers
  • Learn the secrets to getting the questions right
  • Find out about drivers’ hours and use of a tachograph
  • Get a head start on the practical by talking with our experienced instructors

How long does it take to get my LGV licence?

  • One week to get medical appointment and send provisional licence application off to DVLA
  • Allow three weeks for DVLA to return your licence (it can be quicker but three weeks is the DVLA standard)
  • One to three weeks to book LGV theory (we can anticipate arrival of your licence if you are in a rush)
  • Two to five weeks for practical training (we can book your training dates anticipating when you will pass your theory)

Bear in mind when applying for an LGV or PCV licence you are applying for a ‘vocational’ licence and ‘higher standards’ apply. If there are medical issues or if you have a very poor driving record the issue of your licence may be delayed or refused. In the case of refusal there is an appeal process.