LGV C + E Training Course (Package 2)

Designed to prepare students that are wishing to obtain this highly regarded skill in driving a large goods vehicle by the Driving Standards agency (DSA).

Any driver who passed a LGV C (Rigid) driving test and wants to drive a LGV C+E large goods vehicle will need additional training to be brought up to the DSA standard. The vehicles used will also have to conform to the standards as set by the DSA.

The vehicle must be;

  • Boxed/curtain sided vehicles
  • 14 metres in length
  • 2.4 metres Wide

And have;

  • 8 forward gears
  • Tachograph
  • ABS as standard

Course Duration

The training consists of a 3-day one to one tuition. The course will commence each morning at 8.30am with a test on the 3rd day of the course.

Test Criteria

  • Answer approximately 5 questions on basic vehicle checks.
  • Reverse into a marked bay.
  • Controlled brake test.
  • Drive for approximately 1 hour around the town. Test may also include hill starts and motorway driving.
  • Uncoupling & Re-coupling a trailer.