B + E Car & Trailer (3 Day Course)

Changes in legislation require anyone who passed their driving test after the 1st January 1997 to obtain a separate B+E licence in order for them to attach a trailer to a car with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) exceeding 750kg.

Students need to hold a full car licence with a Category ‘B’ entitlement.

Course Duration
For a Novice the training course consists of a maxium of 3 days ‘on the road’ training delivered on a one to one tuition basis with the test on the 3rd day. For a driver who has experience of pulling a trailer the course will be shorter. The course will commence each morning at 8.30am from our training centre.

* Please note a 5-day course can also be arranged, with the test on the 5th day if there are 2 students.

Test Criteria

  • Answer approximately 5 questions on basic vehicle checks.
  • Reverse into a marked bay.
  • Controlled brake test.
  • Uncoupling & Re-coupling a trailer.
  • Drive for approximately 1 hour around a town environment.
  • Test may also include Hill starts & Motorway driving. Category B+E (car with trailer)


Before you can enrol on the practical course and take the test:
You must be 17 or over
Must hold a category B full entitlement licence
Course structure
The training can be done over two and a half days when the student to instructor ratio is one to one, or five days when the student to instructor ratio is two to one. Alternatively training may be tailored to individual requirements by a two phase approach. After the initial phase the candidate and instructor agree how much further training is required in the second phase to achieve test standard.

The category B+E test is taken at the same DSA vocational test centres as lorry tests and the higher standard of driving together with the test exercises are also the same as lorry tests.

Vehicle description
Combinations of vehicles consisting of a vehicle in category B and a trailer, where the category does not come within category B restrictions (see below).

Other information

  • Category B (car)
  • Motor vehicles with a MAM not exceeding 3500kg having not more than eight passenger seats with a trailer up to 750kg.
  • Combinations of vehicles in category B and a trailer, where the MAM of the combination does not exceed 3500kg and the MAM of the trailer does not exceed the unladen mass of the towing vehicle.
  • In other words a category B+E licence is required when the vehicle combination exceeds the above description.
  • Category B+E is not classified as a vocational licence which means that the higher standards (mainly medical) and the LGV theory test which are required for all the other categories listed above, do not apply, i.e. if you hold a ‘B’ licence you can go straight to B+E training and test. However, the B+E test is taken at DSA vocational test centres and the same higher driving standards and the same test exercises as for LGV tests are required.